Other Places on the Internet for Australian Card Game Information

Here are some other places on the Internet regarded as good sources for card game information. Some of them feature info about card games in general, while others cover specific card games and some are about related subjects like board games or gambling. We’re not accepting submissions – these are just sites we like and trust.

Features detailed descriptions and explanations of just about every topic an online casino enthusiast might want to read about, including pokies and casino games but also including card games like poker, blackjack and baccarat.

Features blackjack tips and strategy. The site has a nice, low-key design style, and it doesn’t overwhelm you with a lot of flashing, obnoxious advertisements.

Blackjack.com.au – A site that aimes at explaining the intricacies of blackjack and other 21 variants. Has great guides on rules and strategy.

RealMoneyCasinoSite.com – Global-affiliate site aimed at explaining the intricacies of online casinos and other gambling exploits. Boast many guides on rules, strategy, and how to play on the Web.

Bringing families together to play board games in Australia. Focuses specifically on educational games.

Pagat.com: Australian Card Games
Pagat.com is the most authoritative site about card games on the Internet. We link directly to their section about the most popular card games in the world here.

Discusses proposed reforms in gambling laws in Australia. Also includes information about gambling addiction.

A great site for gambling laws and information. Is limited in casino gaming or card games but is useful for regulation and local laws.

Rio Grande Games: Australia
The product page for a board game called Australia, developed and published by Rio Grande Games.

Publisher of poker and gambling strategy books. They have an excellent forum where they discuss the math behind card games and multiple other subjects.

One of our favourite guides for playing online pokies in Australia. Seems to have regularly updated content and caters specifically to the Australian gambling landscape.

Wikipedia: 500 Card Game
The Wikipedia page about the card game 500, which is the national card game of Australia. Surprisingly detailed and well-written, considering that it’s the “encyclopedia where anyone can edit.”

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